‘Muscular approach bound to fail in Kashmir’, says PDP


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Ghulam Nabi Lone Hanjura on Thursday termed youth’s killing at Budgam by CRPF as deeply excruciating and totally reprehensible, stating that the firsthand account narrated by the victim’s uncle has turned CRPF’s statement on the said incident ‘ruthlessly incredulous’.

He said that the killing of the innocent boy at the hands of the CRPF has once again made peace elusive even during the ongoing the sacred month of Ramadan.

According to Hanjura, the statement issued by slain youth’s uncle should act as an eye-opener for saner voices so that the culprits are made accountable to the heinous crime they have committed with the confidence of absolute impunity.

He added that the blood of an ordinary Kashmiri has become so unworthy for the power corridors that it is outrageously spilled on streets by the men in uniform without any remorse or fear of reprisal.

He said the way in which precious human lives are lost in Kashmir, there are apprehensions that the government is in no mood to shun the muscular policy that so far has yielded no positive results.

Hanjura said that it has been the cardinal principle of the PDP that muscular and iron fist approach is bound to fail in Kashmir as such measures have in the past only wreaked havoc and in the future also wouldn’t bring any positive change on the ground.  “The muscular policy and the political patchwork will not bring peace in the restive state and such approaches have miserably failed to yield positive results in the past. This muscular approach will not take us anywhere as this has been tried for many decades and hasn’t yielded any positive outcome. Incidents such as such will plunge Kashmir into a deeper morass of uncertainty and chaos and will turn the already worrisome situation more apocalyptic,” said Hanjura.


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