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National Front Chairman and Hurriyat (JK) leader, Nayeem Ahmad Khan was arrested for defying house arrest orders on Friday.

“As he (Khan) came out of his residence to protest against his illegal and illogical house detention he was arrested,” a party statement said.

The statement further said that a large contingent of police in the morning cordoned off the residence of Nayeem Khan and informed him that he cannot move out.

“When Nayeem Khan asked them the reasons of his detention they failed to answer,” a party spokesperson said adding Nayeem Khan came out of his residence because he did not want to miss another Friday prayer but police arrested and shifted him to Police station Sadar.

The spokesman said that Nayeem Khan was not allowed to offer Friday prayers during the month of Ramazan and he even was not allowed to move out of his residence on Jummat-ul-Vida and Eid.

Terming the day to day restrictions a practical ban on Nayeem Khan’s political, social and personal activities National Front spokesman said that by such “oppressive tactics” Nayeem Khan can neither be compelled to change his political faith nor he will ever legitimize the “Indian illegal and unconstitutional military occupation” of Jammu Kashmir.

The spokesman said that the government has made all its institutions to work only for its political interests and police especially is being used to curb the political opponents by the state rulers. He said that it is a sorry state of affairs that police officials instead of following the laws of the land work only to please the rulers.


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