SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Friday took strong exception to the blanket ban on bovine slaughter on Eid ul Azha, saying such order should be revoked.

Expressing dismay over the order, Party’s Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said that it is conceivable to flag that the measure is unjust and inexcusable. Having such strictures on cow slaughter are well understood because of it being an object of veneration for a particular community but having such strictures in place for other bovines and draught animals is completely unfair.

Imran added that even the apex court of the country has in one of its judgments said that a complete ban on the slaughter of other bovine cattle and draught animals after they ceased to yield milk and stop working, cannot be supported as reasonable in the favor of public interest. The blanket ban, he further said, will give another vehicle of intimidation to various unscrupulous elements to bully and pose a threat to the lives of Muslims associated with the trade and transport of bovine animals.

The order, he held, will hurt the commercial and economic interests of farmers across Jammu and Kashmir. The incumbent administration is expected to relook the decision and reconsider making necessary changes to the order in order to save the J&Ks rural economy from plummeting into crises.


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