NC Calls For Identifying, Exposing & Isolating Disruptive Elements

KL Report


Senior National Conference (NC) leaders Dr Sheikh Mustaffa Kamal and Devender Singh Rana Sunday cautioned people against disruptive elements and urged them to identify, expose and isolate these forces in the larger interest of society, based on  the principle of equality and social justice.

Speaking at a function at Sher-i-Kashmir Bhavan here this afternoon, held in observance of the 87th birth anniversary of Babu Milkhi Ram, the two leaders recalled the pioneering role of Baba-e-Quom Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah and Madr-e-Mehrban in the uplift and awakening of the weaker sections of society.

“Some forces are hell-bent to weaken the State by exploiting regional, communal and sectarian sentiments in pursuit of their sinister political agenda”, Provincial President Devender Singh Rana said, adding that NC will foil and frustrate their machinations with its full might.

Rana emphasized the role of secular forces in sidelining elements inimical to peace and tranquility while saying this can be achieved only when those in public life become role models by dint of their selfless service to the people, especially poor and the down-trodden, “Since opinion leaders enjoy larger influence in the society, they should rise above their personal ambitions and strive for mitigating the suffering of poor, underprivileged and needy”, he said.

Expressing satisfaction over the socio-economic transformation of backward classes over the years, Additional General Secretary Dr Sheikh Mustaffa Kamal said that though much has been achieved yet much more is still required to be done for their welfare. He said the era of exploitation is over, as the backward classes have got constitutional guarantees to progress and prosper.

Dr Kamal recalled with pride how the distinguished personalities among the backward classes rose to the position of the Head of Nation and most coveted positions in the country. “Their presence is discernible in every sphere of activity”, he maintained.

Dr Kamal and Rana paid glowing tributes to Babu Milkhi Ram and said that the departed leader has left an indelible mark of public service. “Babuji has tirelessly strived for the uplift and emancipation of backward classes”, they added.



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