NC calls PDP’s Akhter an ‘errand boy’ of Mufti

KL Report


Reacting sharply to the allegations levelled by People’s Democratic Party leader Naeem Akhtar against National Conference and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah, NC Thursday said that Akhtar is Mufti Sayeed’s errand boy who has been tasked by Mufti to justify the unjustifiable.

“Naeem Akhtar deserves sympathy from all of us these days. He has no choice but to bend over backwards to do the extra bit to please the father-daughter duo given that he will soon be rendered an irrelevant, vestigial accessory within PDP by the Ashiq Bukharis and Khursheed Alams of PDP,” NC spokesperson Junaid Azim Mattu told CNS adding that, “as for his obnoxious, uncivilized remarks about our leaders it does not merit a reaction-these are the words of a deeply frustrated man who has been given the job of justifying PDP’s merger into the BJP.”

Hitting back at Akhtar for saying that Omar Abdullah was an employee of a hotel before his entry into politics, NC Spokesperson asked what political background did Mehbooba have that her father subjected senior party leaders with decades of political experience like Muzaffar Beig into her perpetual service and placed all elder, senior PDP leaders at her beck and call? “What political background did Mufti’s in-laws and in-laws of in-laws have to get mandates in PDP? From what one hears, even poor Naeem Sahab gets badly scolded and admonished by Mehbooba Mufti in front of everyone these days. If that is the cause of his obnoxious outburst, our sympathies to him.”

Mattu added that, “Naeem Akhtar was a top crony of Mufti Muhammad Sayeed during his days in the bureaucracy and did a lot of shady work in allotments in contravention of rules to please Mufti Sahab.”

When asked does Omar Abdullah believe that the two members nominated by PDP for Rajya Sabha are illiterate and can’t represent the State well, Junaid Azim Mattu said that first and foremost Omar Abdullah has not called PDP’s RS candidates illiterate anywhere and this has been wrongly attributed to the NC Working President.

“Omar Abdullah doesn’t stoop to PDP’s level of name-calling, never has and never will. If Naeem Akhtar had some shame he would apologize for issuing an obnoxious statement on something that was never said – but we all know they are shameless,” he said.

Secondly, the NC spokesperson said there is a difference between facts and beliefs. “It is a fact that PDP has insulted the educated youth of J&K by sending middle-pass politicians to speak on their behalf in the country’s Upper House – a forum of debate on policy, planning, and ideology. PDP’s logic is that it has ‘rewarded’ two Assembly Election candidates who lost by thin margins. Are the Rajya Sabha seats opportunities to represent Kashmiris or rewards that PDP can award for petty, local electoral politics within the party? How petty and trivial of Mufti Sayeed! A former and now again an aspiring Chief Minister should think like a Statesman – not a Halqa President of his party. What an insult to the educated youth of our State – don’t they at least deserve an educated voice to represent them in the country’s Upper House? Also, by this logic of thin margins and mass support, people like Naeem Akthar have no business being MLCs – they are virtually non-entities in the game of elections and margins. But as I said, all our sympathy for Naeem Akhtar-he’s just trying to get a pat on the back,” Mattu said.


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