NC concerned over ‘deteriorating’ security situation in Kashmir


National Conference on Saturday expressed concern over the deteriorating security situation in Kashmir, particularly in south Kashmir areas.

In a statement issued from its party headquarters Nawa-e -Subah, State secretary and former minister Sakina Itto expressed grave concern over the unbridled human right violations in the valley. “Killings, CASOs, night crackdowns, mass arrests have put people to duress. What is adding salt to the situation is the absence of any parallel re-conciliatory approach by the state government,” she said adding, “Areas in south Kashmir are the worst hit.”

“The need of the hour is to employ a conciliatory approach towards youth while dealing with the situation; the youth have already been left disenchanted towards democratic process by the former PDP-BJP government who were responsible for the persecution of meritorious, hard-working youth,” she said.

The former minister implored upon the government forces to show maximum restraint while dealing with the people especially youth. “The situation demands de-escalation from all sides and restoration of a sense of safety and dignity among the people.”

She urged for a mechanism to address the alienation in youth. “Security scenario in south Kashmir is very grim, grave and people are apprehensive about their safety. The economic activity and development has come to a grinding halt. The spree of civilian killings has further vitiated the atmosphere,” she said.

Meanwhile, South Zone president Dr Bashir Veeri expressed concern over the fatal attacks on Kashmiri students studying in outside colleges. “Yesterday only a student suffered grave injuries in a knife attack in a Chandigarh college. Such incidents create fear and anxiety among the student community there,” he said and implored upon the administration there to identify the culprits and punish them.

Dr Veeri questioned the state government over the absence of any peace-making initiative. “Youth who aspires for bright future have been left hopeless, dejected and disenchanted towards the system. If the current scenario continues as it is, it will not take much time for it morph into a much dire situation,” he said.

“The skyline of Kashmir presents a charred look. The ill-fated families are losing their sole breadwinners to the frenzy of conflict. A sense of anxiety and gloom is looming large in the areas of south Kashmir.”

“The incumbent administration should shun the arrogant and laidback attitude and rescue the future of alienated youth by initiating a process of conciliation,” he said.


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