NC Echoes PM Singh’s Statement on Bilateral Talk, says No to Third Party Intervention

KL Report


Rejecting the statement of Pakistan Prime Minster in which he had stated that there will be no harm if third party will intervene in solving Kashmir dispute, National conference on Friday said that there is no role of any third party to resolve Kashmir issue. NC also blamed India and Pakistan for treating Kashmir like a foot ball which they can kick as per their wishes.

“Jammu and Kashmir is primarily a political problem and needs to be resolved through peaceful political means between two countries.  There is no need for the third party or US intervention. The only way to bring normalcy and permanent peace to the state and the subcontinent is to restore autonomy in its pristine form,” NC Additional General secretary Dr Mustafa Kamal told a local news agency, KNS.

“If Prime Minster of Pakistan advocated for third party intervention, it is just because of the diehard attitude of India. India should leave its anti Kashmir policy and in fact both the countries should leave their sense of defeat and should make a commitment to resolve the Kashmir dispute,” he said.

Kamal also insisted for a change in approach and attitude of India towards the Jammu and Kashmir for building a strong and peaceful state. “India needs to change their approach and attitude, which is a hindrance in the way of resolving the Kashmir,” he said.

Meanwhile senior National Conference leader and Member Parliament Dr Mehboob Beig told KNS that he fails to understand that how prime minster of Pakistan has suggested for third party intervention as in Shimla agreement it was clearly decided between the elected prime Minster of Pakistan Zulfkar Ali Bhutto and prime minster of India that the issue will be solved bilaterally.

“It is very unfortunate as both the countries are playing with the sentiments of Kashmir people. It is a human issue which needs to be handled sensitively”. He blamed Pakistan for issuing contradictory statements and said, “As on the one hand Pakistan calls US an enemy and on the other hand thinks it to be the biggest power for solving the Kashmir issue.


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