NC Government’s Only achievement Its Survival: Mehbooba

KL Report


The National Conference had for decades existed as the only option for people who had not been able to experience difference in governance and delivery, People Democratic Party President Mehbooba Mufti has said, “But the emergence of PDP and its brief stint in power had exposed people to a new experience.” She added that the only achievement of the present coalition was its survival merely on the strength of numbers in the assembly and external lifelines otherwise people are fed up with its ‘non performance, mis-governance and corruption’.”

While addressing a meeting of party workers of Beerwa constituency at Kanihama today she has said, “Credibility of a government comes through its leadership, vision, agenda and its execution and the present government lacks all these vital elements. It is a coalition of the vested interests that is led by a party which has become the most unpopular ruling organization in the history of the state.”

As per a statement Mehbooba has said it is a matter of satisfaction for her and the party leadership that the people are looking up to PDP with great expectations. But, at the same time it gives her over whelming feeling of challenge as the state is faced with immense problems on political and development fronts. She has said that her party has “an agenda and a vision that is practical and had been partly initiated on ground under the previous PDP- Congress coalition”. She has said her party’s vision is to take the state forward as a vibrant economic and development model. “We are very clear about how to tackle the problems of poverty, unemployment, power deficiency, institutional decay and environmental issues and it is a good sign that people have now realized that PDP alone could take the state out of its problems on political and economic fronts”, she added. She has also said PDP has established that unlike the NC it takes power as a duty towards people and not a licence to luxury.

The PDP President has said, “For the last four and half years Omar Abdullah government has not a single achievement worth mentioning to its credit. This government through its wrong and anti people policies created chaos and widespread disturbances in 2009 – 2010 and then followed it up with worst crackdown on all sections of people.” And added, “Hundreds lost life at the hands of government. Now as a result of its repressive policies it has enforced a silence which it is projecting as peace and same kind of an achievement.”

Mehbooba has said that people do not have so short a memory that they would not remember the positive and relaxed atmosphere that the previous government had established and passed on to Omar Abdullah which he ‘destroyed’ within no time.

Referring to the unemployment problem, Mehbooba has said, “The so called Sher-i-Kashmir Employment and Welfare Programme failed to provide relief to anyone except a few handpicked favorites of ruling politicians. This government has re-employed around three hundred retired persons just to keep politicians happy. On the other hand thousands of daily wagers have been retrenched after having put in many years of service.”

Mehbooba has said the media, CAG and the union Ministers, all have pointed out how the “NC led government has failed to implement all centrally sponsored schemes like MNREGA, PMGSY, and schemes in education and other sectors. The so called historic initiatives that the government propagandists and ministers’ boast of remain confined to announcements, papers and the pockets of ruling politicians and their agents”, she said.



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