NC Leaders Visit Bereaved Cops’ Families

KL Report


National Conference Tuesday reiterated its strong condemnation of the barbaric killing of three unarmed policemen by gunmen in Shopian.

“High-Level NC Delegations led by NC Provincial President Nasir Aslam Wani visited the residences of the policemen who were killed in Shopian on Monday and conveyed the grief of the party to the bereaved families,” a party statement said on Tuesday.

“Paying homage to the slain policemen, Wani said these brave policemen laid down their lives in the line of duty and will be always remembered as martyrs who sacrificed their lives with utmost courage. Condemning this barbaric incident, the NC Provincial President said such incidents cannot behove any ideology or cause and added selective condemnations by certain leaders have unfortunately given a subtle moral sanctity to such heinous, inhumane acts,” the statement said.

“These three young policemen were sons of the soil. One of them had very recently been awarded for his bravery in taking part in rescue and relief operations during the floods. They were out to assess a civil land dispute where these gunmen found them unarmed and gunned them down in cold blood. No amount of condemnation for such barbarism is enough,” the NC Provincial President added.

“The State Government should immediately announce a job each to the families of the martyred policemen and dispenses ex-gratia relief without any delay. Wani also lashed out at J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed for showing disrespect to the martyred policemen by not personally condoling their demise with their families, for not participating in their funerals and for failing to behave like a Chief Minister of the State under whose command our policemen risk their lives every single day,” the statement said.

“Rather than visiting the families of these young cops, Mufti Sayeed rushed to New Delhi to apologize to the Prime Minister for his remarks on AFSPA and to apparently assured BJP and RSS that PDP would continue its effortless surrender on the issue of revoking the Act. The first thing on the agenda of the Chief Minister should have been to visit these families and console them personally. That he chose not to do so and prioritized his politics over this tragedy is appalling, highly condemnable and unacceptable,” he added.


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