Sameer Kaul Vindicated our Stand, says NC

KL report


National Conference Tuesday said that PDP Senior Leader and National Spokesperson Dr Sameer Kaul’s remarks about the party’s sell-out to BJP and RSS has vindicated the stand of National Conference while exposing PDP’s murky, power-hungry politics.

Pertinently PDP National Spokesperson Dr Sameer Kaul, while announcing his disassociation from PDP on Sunday had asserted that “all stated principles of the creation of PDP were straightforwardly compromised” and that PDP’s current politics doesn’t match the concept of Kashmiriyat any longer.

According to an NC statement, “Dr Sameer Kaul’s revelations about PDP’s sell-out to the right wing should be an eye-opener to those proxy propagandists who have been hired by PDP to justify the unjustifiable.”

“Dr. Sameer Kaul has clearly stated that ‘the moment opportunism of sharing power with the BJP succeeded, all stated principles of the creation of PDP were straightforwardly compromised’. The truth is that PDP was created for this precise reason – to service the interests of RSS and BJP at a later stage. Once the need arose, PDP was called out of the closet by the RSS to serve the BJP and the Trojan Horse stood exposed. PDP is not based on or around a political ideology so they are free from an ideological and moral compulsions. The party was founded by intelligence agencies and today we all know why. Today the party is finally if not formally under the direct control of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat,” NC Spokesperson.

“It is also very important to take note of Dr Sameer Kaul’s revelations that PDP had ‘manufactured’ distractions to conceal the fact that the ‘core values’ of the party were up for sale. We have time and again said that PDP had been trying very hard to create one smokescreen after another to diver the attention of the public from its epic sell-out to the RSS despite the fact that PDP sought votes against the RSS and the BJP during the election campaign. These ‘manufactured distractions’ continue to this day as the party has turned into an absurd drama company. One day they issue a circular, the next day they withdraw it. Every issue they raised, a ‘manufactured distraction’ in their so-called ‘Common Minimum Program’ has been diluted and compromised”, the spokesperson added.

“The Assembly and Council proceedings and the developments that have been witnessed in the last two weeks have made it abundantly clear that PDP has surrendered its CMP stands on AFSPA revocation, Flood Relief and the Return of Power Projects. PDP actually voted against the return of power projects in the Legislative Council on a resolution presented by a National Conference leader. On AFSPA, the party has made a complete u-turn from what we were told. God knows how many compromises we will see in the future but one thing is certain – PDP’s sell-out to make Mufti Sayeed a Chief Minister and Mehbooba Mufti a Cabinet Minister in Delhi has put J&K, its interests and its sentiments in harm’s way. And for this the people of this State will never forgive the Mufti family and the PDP,” the statement further said.


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