NC, PDP are responsible for bloodbath in Kashmir: Er Rashid

KL Report


Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) President, MLA Langate  and AIP Candidate for Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency Er Rashid has appealed to people to vote in current elections with full wisdom in order to free the state of exploitative clutches of PDP and NC.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while speaking in the one day party convention held at Wagoora, Er Rashid termed it a good omen that people have gauged the real intentions of NC and PDP and are openly expressing anger and hate towards selfish politics of NC and PDP.

Engineer Rashid stated: “NC, PDP adopted double standard on every burning issue and simply acted on the dictums of Delhi thus losing the public faith. The time is ripe to convert this gloom and anger against NC, PDP into realism by teaching these parties lesson when you vote on 7 May and give your precious vote to Awami Ittihaad Party and shows these selfish parties their real worth. If Omar Abdullah loathes Mufti Sayeed for killing Hizb commanders than he should answer how Dr. Qasim Faktoo, Ghulam Qadir Bhat and dozens of other prisoners are languishing in jails during his tenure. And both NC, PDP  are actually responsible for bloodbath in Kashmir and are trying just to appease the people of Kashmir by exploitative slogans for the lust of power.”


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