NC, PDP will beg BJP, congress again for coalition: Er Rasheed



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Reiterating that AIP does not want to be seen as a facilitator to divide votes in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Er Rasheed has questioned those who used to claim to form a secular and non-BJP government for their self-centred politics vis-à-vis upcoming parliament elections.

The spokesman said that it is strange that while NC and PDP talked of a common agenda to unite pro-Kashmir voices but now are not only divided but opposing each other tooth and nail. NC is at liberty to approach for an alliance with the Congress but one has a right to ask NC leadership why it didn’t offer an alliance with PDP and other smaller parties. Same is the case with PDP, whose leadership is busy in trying to regain its lost and last ground from the various suppressive measures being taken by its masters.

Rasheed said that the “arrogant, egoistic and self-centred” attitude of NC and PDP will yield nothing except a huge fractured mandate and both main regional parties will again beg BJP and Congress for the collation and thus the miseries of Kashmiris will never end.

“The fact is that NC and PDP don’t want a huge mandate as they know their worth of not delivering anything and a fractured mandate gives them an excuse to run away from the real issues,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

AIP is ready to support any such alliance in the larger interests of people and will never hesitate from taking concrete and result-oriented measures to consolidate pro-Kashmir voices. However various mainstream parties need to ensure people that they will not repeat the mistakes of past and their unity has to be with some concrete agenda despite differences over a few important issues, the spokesman said.


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