NC’s Dual Face Exposed: Eng Rasheed Reacts On Kamal’s Statement

KL Report


In a reaction to Dr Mustaffa Kamal’s statement that India and Pakistan should hold plebiscite to resolve Jammu and Kashmir dispute, MLA Langate Er Rashid said that the statement has exposed dual face of National Conference.

As per a statement Rasheed said, “If Mustaffa Kamal really means in that what he has said then he must answer why his party in general and he in particular did not support me in the assembly in the last session when I demanded that the genuine way to resolve Jammu and Kashmir dispute is to hold plebiscite by implementing UN resolution.”

Rasheed reminded Mustaffa Kamal, “If holding of plebiscite is solution to Kashmir problem then why NC took the lead in assembly during the last session in lashing out at me and labeled me as anti national element, when he demanded that implementing UN resolutions is the best way to resolve Kashmir dispute.”

The statement further reads Engineer said that even a common lay man is wise enough to understand that if NC has failed to get back the eroded autonomy within the constitution of India and Omar Abdullah is begging for the poll alliance with Congress how can people like Mustaffa Kamal talk of a much bigger agenda like holding of plebiscite to resolve the dispute.

Er. Rashid challenged Mustaffa Kamal that if he firmly believes that implementing of UN resolutions is the best solution to the dispute then he on behalf of National Conference must bring a resolution in the forth coming assembly session seeking implementation of UN resolutions and NC should close its ties with the congress and seek vote from Kashmiri people for the implementation of UN resolutions. He said, “NC has nothing to sell to the Kashmiri people in the forth coming elections as they have buried not only their autonomy agenda but joined hands with the Congress which is responsible for the erosion and snatching of autonomy from the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”


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