NC’s Kamal Now Calls Geelani ‘A Threat To Peace’


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Hitting hard at Huriyat (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani, Additional General Secretary of National Conference Dr Mustafa Kamal on Friday  said that Huriyat leader is ‘a threat to peace and his activities can disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the state’.

“Geelani has lost his credibility as nobody pays heed to his boycott calls or even the strike calls. But he will not let the peaceful situation prevail for longer. He will use every tactic to disturb the peace again. But I hope that people will not listen to him and will not let him to disturb the law and order in the state,” Kamal told a local news agency, KNS.

Dr Kamal said that Geelani’s politics is only for taking people towards ‘destruction and misery’ but the senior separatist should bear in mind that government will not allow him to influence the prevailing peaceful atmosphere in any way. “Peace loving people of the state will not let him to succeed in his destructive politics.”

Commenting on the statement of Geelani in which he had stated that Taliban led Government in Afghanistan must support Kashmir’s right to self-determination in the future Kamal said that when Geelani is left with nothing to say he starts talking illogically. “How can Afghanistan help to solve Kashmir issue when they are themselves in such a deteriorated situation,” asked Kamal. “Geelani actually wants to create fear and tension among the people. He should have proved himself to be a link between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir dispute but unfortunately he instigates the people for bloodshed.”


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