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NDMA expert team at Kargil
NDMA expert team at Kargil

The expert team of the National Disaster Management Authority appointed to study the Tserab Chu (Phuktal) River blockage Thursday landed at the site of the landslide with the help of the Indian Air Force amidst extreme conditions.

The Four member sub-team comprising of R.K Varma, Scientist DRDO, Maheshwar Singh, Survey Officer, Major Dheeraj Pohad of the 70 Engineering Regiment and Skalzang Wangyal, Executive Councillor, Zanskar Affairs, LAHDC, Kargil made landfall at the very spot where a massive landslide had triggered a huge blockage across the Phuktal River. It is pertinent to mention that it is the first time since the landslide that anybody has set foot on the spot which proved a tremendous challenge to District Administration and the Indian Air Force.

The original 10 member team headed by V D Roy, Director of the Central Water Commission had conducted an aerial survey of the spot on 10/02/15 and based on their findings it was decided that a detailed ground survey needed to be conducted to arrive at realistic conclusions. Various activities like collection of soil/rock sample, ground reconnaissance of the site and volumetric analysis of the reservoir were conducted by the team. As a result of the ground study, the true dimensions of the blockage have come to the fore.

The blockage has been calculated to be 400 metres long along the river bed, 50 metres high and 100 metres wide across the river bed.

The successful operation is the culmination of weeks of strenuous effort on behalf of the Kargil District Administration, the Leh District Administration and the Indian Air Force. The team shall analyse the findings and submit a detailed report specifying an actionable solution to the problem.


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