Need To empower Civilian Authority: PDP

KL Report


Reacting to the claims made by Union Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah that an Army Captain had been about to shoot his son, Omar Abdullah –then an MP, Peoples Democratic party Thursday said that it is surprising that Farooq Abdullah remained silent over this issue for such a long time and highlighted it at a time when General V.K.Singh talked about the shoddy deals between the Army and the Jammu and Kashmir ministers.

Party Spokesperson, Naeeem Akhtar told CNS that he fails to understand why Farooq Abdullah did not initiate any action against the said Captain or raised the issue with higher authorities despite the fact he was the Chief Minister of the State that time.

“He will now get nothing out of this. He is befooling people and nothing else. You can imagine yourself how they could bring V.K.Singh and sought answers from him when they failed to punish the erring Captain,” he said.

Akhtar said that Kashmiri people had a feeling that governments in Jammu and Kashmir are installed and toppled on the directions of New Delhi. “The revelations made by General V.K.Singh have in a way vindicated the stand and feelings of Kashmiri people. There is need to see what prompted New Delhi to adopt underhand methods in Kashmir since 1947,” he said adding that Civilian authority in Jammu and Kashmir should be fully empowered.


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