Need to identify the trouble creating elements: Khan


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National Front Chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan has appealed for establishment of committees on the Mohalla level which can have a close eye on the elements who create trouble among the Muslims on different names.

“Committees on the Mohala level are need of the hour so that those elements are identified who manage to create trouble between Muslims,” Khan said in a statement.

He added that Muslims can’t afford to remain in conflict with each other and invite oppressor and suppressor to decide between them.

“How is it possible that we forget the fact that we are jointly being suppressed by such a force who never wants us to be united,” asked Khan.

Expressing sadness over the recent incidents Khan said that those were a result of anti-Mulsim forces only to divide Muslims.

“The Kashmiri Muslims have often proved the fact that the only point of unity among different sects of Muslims is the Kalimai Tawheed and all the Muslims are one despite different sects and schools of thoughts,” Khan said.


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