Neither Modi Helps Kashmir No Allows International Aid: Karat

KL Report

New Delhi

Castigating Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for playing with the miseries of flood victims of Kashmir, CPI(M) Polit Bureau member Brinda Karat Saturday said that by announcing a meager relief in favour of flood victims of Kashmir Modi showed that he cares a fig for these people. She said that it was heartening to watch that Prime Minister of India left no stone unturned in playing with the sentiments of flood ravaged people of Kashmir.

Talking to CNS, Brinda Karat said that winter is looming in Kashmir while Government of India seemed insensitive towards the problems of flood affected people of Kashmir. “Before approving the meager relief package for the people of Kashmir, it was necessary for Modi to understand that people have to face winter in this flood ravaged part. He (Modi) not only disappointed the people of Kashmir but surprised every conscious citizen of India,” Karat said.

Terming the response of government of India to deal with the flood catastrophe as completely callous, Brinda Karat said no concrete steps were taken to provide succour to flood victims who have been immense hardships as they have lost everything including their houses to the flood fury. She said  that inability of government to deal with the aftermath of floods has exposed the state as well as central government.

Responding to a question, CPI (M) Polit Bureau member said has ravaged Valley Kashmir desperately needs aid from international organizations. “It is surprising that neither the Modi is ready to help the people of Kashmir himself nor he is allowing international aid to pour in Kashmir. I fail to understand what policy he (Modi) he is pursuing and what are his intentions,” she said adding that government of India must do a right assessment of losses incurred by people of Kashmir during floods and accordingly they should be provided financial assistance.


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