London “Million March” Appropriate Step At Appropriate Time: Geelani

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While terming the planned London “Million March” of Kashmiris as appropriate step at appropriate time, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani Saturday alleged that the democratic claim of India is proving a big fraud and they are suppressing the birth and basic right of Kashmiris.

In a statement while expressing his satisfaction over the refusal to Indian demand to ban the “Kashmir Million March” in London by the British government, he said, “India can’t continue its military might policy in the present changing scenario and she will be left with no other option except to hold plebiscites in Kashmir on the type of Scotland.”

He said that 27 October is that “black day” when 67 years ago India landed its troops in Jammu & Kashmir without any constitutional and moral justification. “Landing of Indian forces is although related to the request of the Maharaja Hari Singh but according to the constitution he was not the head of the state at that time and the people had already revolted against him and secondly any individual have no right to decide the future of millions of people without taking their consent and deny them their chance of right to self determination,” he said.

“The pro-freedom leader said that the Kashmiri nation has never accepted the military occupation of India and they have opposed it from the very first day. The Indian rulers had although made promises with the Kashmiris at national as well as international levels that they will be given a chance to decide their future but later on they refused to fulfill these promises and adopted the policy of military might,” he added.

The Hurriyat (G) chairman said that the Kashmiri nation is not against India or its people and nor is their struggle communal in nature but “we want that the broken promises should be fulfilled which were made by the Indian leadership at different times with Kashmiri nation.”

“It is the pure democratic demand and it is necessary for the world to support this demand,” he said.

While congratulating the organizers of the planned “Kashmir Million March” in London, Geelani said that this march can prove to be an important step for “our freedom struggle and we fully support this march.”

“This march will create awareness among the people around the world that the freedom struggle of Kashmir have nothing to do with the global terrorism and the people of this region are peacefully demanding their basic and birth right of freedom,” Geelani said. He also appreciated the stand adopted by the British government with regard to the planned march and its refusal of India’s demand to ban this march has added new life to the valor of the Kashmiri nation.



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