New central law benefitting women greatly, says Priya Sethi

JAMMU: BJP minister Ms Priya Sethi on Sunday said the Maternity Benefit Amendment Bill passed by the Parliament is going to ensure better health and wellbeing of the mother and child.

The new law increase in maternity leave and envisages mandatory provision of crèche in offices.

Once the President gives his assent to the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, 2016, all working women in all establishments- public and private will be entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave which will pave the way for healthy and secure mother and a well-nourished child, she asserted.

TheAct will also help women who adopts a child below three months for the reason that she will be given 12 weeks leave from the date the child is handed over to her. Establishments with 50 or more women employees will also have to provide crèches once the bill becomes law.

Prior to passage of this Bill, Ms Sethi said several children of working women used to get neglected who will now be taken care of by their mothers in a much better way and help country have healthy babies.



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