New Delhi And Its Local Collaborators Think Kashmiri’s Are Their Slaves: Khan

KL Report


Terming the implementation of Curfew on the day of Eid in Palhalan as cruel and an imperialistic step, National Front Chairman, Nayeem Ahmad Khan said that arresting Freedom party chief, Shabir Ahmad Shah during Nimaz is a shameful act.

Khan in a statement said that New Delhi and its local collaborators think that Kashmiri people are their slaves so they dare to impose curfew even on the occasion of Eid.

Khan addressed gathering of people in Palhalan. According to spokesman, after Khan left the place curfew was imposed in area and people were restricted to their houses which is still in place.

“The so called administration thinks Kashmiris as their slaves so they do whatever and whenever they like,” Khan said.

He saluted the pro-freedom sentiment of the people of Palhalan, and assured them that the whole Kashmiri nation is with them.

Strongly condemning the arrest of senior pro-freedom leader, Shabir Ahmad Shah, during Nimaz in Dargah Hazratbal, Khan said that the occupied forces and their collaborators are having no regard of Mosques and even they do not understand the importance of religious obligations like Nimaz.

Condemning the arrest of Shabir Ahmad Shah during Nimaz, Khan said that arresting anybody during Nimaz in intolerable and unacceptable.


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