NIT Controversy: Union HRD Team on way to Srinagar



NIT Srinagar

The Union government has sent a two-member team to National Institute of Technology (NIT) Hazratbal Srinagar.

Jitendra Singh, minister of state in Prime Minister’s Office, who is from Jammu and Kashmir, tweeted Wednesday morning and said, “#HRD team reaching #NITSrinagar .No student should suffer disadvantage in exam score because of shut down #MyGovIndia.”

Students who are not from Jammu and Kashmir were heading for the main gate on Tuesday evening demanding that exams be postponed.

The police have claimed around 500 students were moving out of the main campus and had to be stopped. The police said the mob then threw stones and attacked the officers and some students were injured in the melee, NDTV reported this morning.

Minister Jitendra Singh had yesterday tweeted to say: “Boys @NITSrinagar Dont panick.If asked to stay indoors it is inYour interest. Let not outsiders politicise.Your exam issue being taken care.”

NIT or the National Institute of Technology saw some Kashmiri students being attacked last week after they celebrated West Indies win in the semi-final of T20 World Cup. Classes had resumed from Monday.


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