No chance for NC, PDP in coming elections, Er Rasheed says


Appealing masses to discharge fully their duties, AIP president Er Rasheed has said that time has come to show NC, PDP and other traditional parties their right place and make them pay for their politics of exploitation.

In a statement Rasheed said NC leadership cannot always befool Kashmiris, and stab them later, “not only the slogan of autonomy is outdated but unfortunately, the party has used this slogan to create confusion and weaken the real sentiments and aspirations of people of J&K. It is the fact that most of the leaders of NC and PDP have earned fortunes from the miseries of masses and have created huge assets, badly indulged in corruption and nepotism and have ruined the credibility of the institution,” the spokesman quoted Rasheed as saying.

Rasheed said; “before trying to raise emotions of Kashmiris against BJP, NC vice president Omar Abdullah should not forget that he was himself a Minister in the BJP Government and is now keen to get few seats in the upcoming assembly elections and then one should not be surprised if like PDP he follows the north pole and south pole doctrine, as the party has a long history of justifying its surrenders and misdeeds including converting Muslim Conference into National Conference, ensuring unrealistic instrument of accession with New Delhi, burying plebiscite front, hugging those whom it called gutter worms, surrendering everything through Indra-Abdullah accord and targeting religious and nationalist forces in the entire state.”

Rasheed added that expecting anything good from PDP leadership is like expecting apples from poplar trees, as the party has taken birth from Congress, the mother of all evils.

Rasheed also welcomed the decision taken by the Government to bring J&K Bank under RTI and said that bringing transparency and accountability in the system should be always welcomed.


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