No need to go for Kandizal breach: Drabu

KL Report


State Government Tuesday said the water levels in river Jehlum was under control and there seems no need to breach Kandizal embankment to divert flood waters.

Minister for Finance Haseeb Drabu told KNS that the government is examining the options to tackle the flood situation, if it arrives, based on the prediction of the weather department. “At present, the water level is not worrying and there seems no need to go for the Kandizal breach and divert the flow of waters,” Drabu said.

Kandizal embankment and its flood basin spanning across south west suburbs, provide a supplementary way out to Jhelum before it enters into the City where the river course considerably narrows down amid dense inhabitation on the two sides.

The Kandizal breach waters after flowing through areas like Kanihama, Pohru and Lasjan flood basins finally empty into Ram Bagh spill channel.

“What the government at present is examining is the situation that would emerge if it rains again. We have already alerted all services and kept on toes all the official machinery. There were no breaches as such in the river but the situation merits close vigil and coordination to save valley from flood like situation,” Drabu told


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