‘No Temple Property is Encroached In Kashmir’

Saima Bhat


The state government today in the assembly discarded reports of illegal temple property encroachments in Kashmir. The information was revealed in assembly today on a question asked by a lawmaker, Chaman Lal Gupta.

The statement by the government reveals that the land of migrants in Kashmir is still intact and in case in has been encroached the state is trying evict. The list released has given the details of migrant property per district including their movable and non movable properties. As per the official handout, the highest migrant property is in district Anantnag measuring 17001 kannal and in district Baramulla measuring 12660 kannals and 16 ? marlas. The present status in both these districts is yet to be confirmed.

In Srinagar district the property, immovable, of migrants is voluminous as most of the migrants have sold their property. Moreover, the unsold property has been protected by the respective Tehsildars in light of provisions of J&K Migrant’s immovable property preservation, protection and restrain on distress sales Act.

State government has also said in its document that there are presently 1054 migrant families of Jammu division who are registered under relief category. But it has been said that due to present case going on in the High Court, which was filed by the migrant families for getting relief but the proposal was returned with some observations, has hurdled with the work of department and department is unable to take further action.


  1. You should have also mentioned the number of temples that are in dilapidated condition. what was the harm in reporting that? After all nobody would accuse you for harming the temple property!


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