No Way To Shield Corrupt, Let Court Hold Them Guilty, We’ll Act: Sagar

KL Report 


Day after state government handed over the case of ‘superiors drugs’, allegedly involving a minster and some senior officers, to Crime Branch, different political and civil society activists have accused government of shielding the politicians and bureaucrats currently facing graft charges in various anti- corruption agencies and institutions of the state.

Highly placed sources in the administration told a local news agency, KNS, that at least 400 government officers and officials were on anti corruption agencies’ radar among which more than 150 officers have already been charge sheeted in different courts. However, sources maintained that the government was intentionally perusing these cases at a slow pace, aiming to shield the ‘influential’ bureaucrats.

“There are anti- corruption cases filed against at least 400 officers and officials in various anti- corruption agencies. 150 of them are being prosecuted over years, but due to political interference these agencies are unable to dispose off the cases in the courts”, Sources told KNS on Sunday evening.

Meanwhile a senior political leader of one of the coalition party wishing not to be named questioned the ‘intentions’ of the coalition government to fight corruption in the state.

“Political interference has rendered the anti- graft institutions tooth less in the state”, the leader told KNS, adding that government was not serious to let these commissions work independently, because it fears many heads would roll, once the commissions are given free hand.

Another senior leader told KNS, that his party was of the view that ‘the basic aim of forming the anti-graft institutions in the state has died down, because government was not willing to see these Officers to be booked”, the leader said.

Meanwhile defending the government Senior Minister and National conference leader Ali Mohammad Sagar said that punishing any officers accused of graft charges needed to be proved guilty first.

“If anybody accuses officer or politician of graft, let him prove it in court, government would love to take action”, Sagar told KNS on Sunday evening.

“Court ordered that two officers allegedly involved in some miss management be removed from their posts, we acted”, added Sagar. He also dispelled the accusation that anti- graft institutions were rendered tooth less by government and said that these institutions were working freely and have booked so many officers for corruption charges.

“If someone accuses government of shielding the accused, let him provide the proof. Only accusations won’t work”, Sagar said.


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