Allama Iqbal Was First To Raise Voice For Oppressed Kashmiris: Mirwaiz

KL Report


While paying tributes to the renowned thinker, poet, Intellectual and philosopher Allama Mohammad Iqbal on his 75th death anniversary, Hurriyat Conference (M) Chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq said apart for being a fearless advocate of suppressed Kashmiris, Allama was the voice of Muslim Ummah.

Mirwaiz said, “The poet was the first to raise voice in favor of oppressed Kashmiri and played a critical role in forming the Kashmir committee besides being the first to inspire the idea of Pakistan.”

As per a statement the Hurriyat Chairman has said that Kashmir was always in the heart of Allama which is reflected in his poetry. He said that the philosopher was though always sad over the condition of Kashmiris who were and are “still living the life full of indignity under slavery.”

Mirwaiz said Allama promoted ideas of greater Islamic political co-operation and unity and called for shedding the nationalist differences among Muslims. He said his poetry on Khudi or self emphasizes the spirit and self from a religious, spiritual perspective. He said Iqbal seeks to prove the Islamic way of life is the best code of conduct for a nation’s viability, adding, a person must keep his individual characteristics intact, but once this is achieved he should sacrifice his personal ambitions for the needs of the nation.

Mirwaiz said that best tribute to Iqbal would be to emulate his poetry and philosophy and raise their voice against slavery and tyranny. He said every Kashmiri should build a character as shown by Iqbal and continue to fight peacefully for the right to self determination and break the shackles of slavery once for all.


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