MPLB Calls For Dismissal Of Minister, Officials Involved In ‘Fake Drug Scam’

KL Report


The J&K Muslim Personal Law Board today called for stern action ‘to the extent of dismissal’ against erring officials and concerned Minister allegedly involved in the ‘spurious drug scam’.

In a meeting held today under Chairmanship of Grand Mufti, Mufti Bashiruddin, the members of MPLB expressed their serious concern over the issue of the supply of Fake Drugs to the government hospitals, ‘which has taken the precious lives of several innocent people, confirming there-by utter failure of the concerned Officials/ Officers of the Health Department as well as of the Minister concerned by allowing the concerned distributor to supply the Fake Drugs to the government hospitals’.

 The members while taking serious note of making the supply of Fake Drugs to the government run have unanimously passed resolution to the extent of demand to make the general Public aware about the findings of the inquiry reports of the Crime branch and Vigilance Organization to whom the case stands referred to.

“Simultaneously, stern action to the extent of dismissal from government services of the erroring Officials /Officers be taken and also against the Ministers Concerned”, the Muslim Personal Law Board said in a statement today.

“In the meeting serious concern has been expressed over the increasing trend of Fascism and Drinking of alcohol, and other social evils prevailing all over the State at this Stage, which has engulfed the common people by putting them in mental suppression”, the statement said.

“The members have also taken serious note of certain elements who as a tourist are visiting the valley but are practically involved in the conversion campaign of the Muslim Youth to Christianity by way of luring the poor people especially the Orphans”, it said adding “Inspite of the fact, that the Supreme Court of Islamic Shariat has already passed its decision against some of the Pastors/Fathers of the Christian missionary who had been found involved in the conversion of Muslim Youth to Christianity. Unfortunately, these elements in the shape of a Tourist to the valley are in the continuous process of their taking into confidence the Muslim Youth especially the Poor and Orphans, taking advantage of their poverty for conversion to Christianity. In the meeting, it was unanimously decided to make an appeal to the Heads of all the Religious Organizations, Imams and Khateebs of Masajids and Khankahs to make fully aware the public about the bad habits of fascism, drug addicting, drinking of alcohol and other social evils prevailing in the valley and its consequences thereof”.

“During the meeting, it was pointed out that certain outside laborers who enter the valley for their daily earnings and in the process manage marriage with Kashmiri Girls with the sole objective to attain eligibility for obtaining State Subject Certificate of the J&K State which was seriously viewed during the meeting which require a thorough probe to ascertain the facts”, the statement added.


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