Non-Gazetted govt employees seek regularization under SRO 202


Hundreds of newly recruited Non-Gazetted government employees on Sunday protested against SRO 202 at press enclave, Srinagar.

The protestors said one hand government has taken a decision to regularise 60,000 daily wagers who have been victims of apathy of successive regime of governments and on the other hand it has turned the Non-gazetted employees recruited through proper channel (JKSSB) in its own tenure into daily wagers by making them work at a meagre Rs 7000-8000 per month.

They added that government has failed to safeguard the interests of highly educated youth. “When the legislators could not survive with a salary of Rs. 80,000 and hiked it to Rs. 1.60 lakh, how can we survive with a meagre salary of 7000 when our parents have invested lakhs on our education, said a protestor.

The employees alleged that their counterparts appointed before 30.06.2015 through the same channel are drawing full salaries while they are paid a meagre 7000 to 8000 for the same work and hence the govt is violating the Article 14 norms set by Honourable Supreme Court which says “Equal Pay for Equal Work”.

According to the employees, their only mistake is that they were appointed after 30.06.2015. Under the garb of lack of requisite funds to pay employees, govt. has been hoodwinking us, as according to an RTI query the number of retirees from 30.06.2015 to 30.11.2017 outnumbers the number of appointees recruited under SRO 202 in the same period and a retiree draws twice the salary of a new appointee for the same post.


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