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The Power Development Department (PDD) Chief Engineer (CE) Bashir Ahmad Khan Friday asked people not to use heavy extra electronic gadgets during the peak hours as same would affect power supplies across Kashmir valley in winters.

Talking to KNS, Khan said the heavy usage of the electronic gadgets in Kashmir especially the heating appliances during the peak hours is affecting smooth supply of electricity.

“The Department in no way intends to go for the extra curtailment and is striving to ensure hassle free power supplies but the violent use of power by the people would compel the PDD to go for extra curtailment,” he said.

Khan said the total usage as per the agreement in Kashmir is 600 MWs but more than 1100 MWs are being supplied at present.

“Despite that people do not use power economically,” said the PDD chief engineer.

He maintained that checking squad is conducting raids all across Kashmir valley and whosoever is found violating the laws will be brought to the book.

“At the same time, we are appealing people not to put extra load on the system, it would lead to further curtailment. Children want to study as the exams are scheduled in March and we don’t want Kashmir to reel under darkness,” Khan remarked.


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