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Amid ruckus in Legislative Assembly, Independent MLA Engineer Rashid Saturday targeted members of all the political parties for being anti-people and anti-Kashmiri. He confronted with NPP members for demanding the inclusion of word ‘secular’ to the preamble of the Jammu and Kashmir Constitution and accused them of being the citizen of that India which is led by a ‘communal leader’.

“India is not a secular country. It is the country of people of like Mohan Bhagwat and Praveen Togadia who are known for their anti-Muslim policies. Stop preaching us secularism, in your country Muslims are not allowed to offer Friday prayers,” Rashid shouted at them.

He added that India doubts the integrity of all Kashmiri leaders. “For India, every Kashmiri is anti-national. You term Chief Minister of the State as anti-Indian. When anybody talks in the House, you call him anti-national. For you Muhammad Yusuf Tarigami is also an anti-Indian. Tell me then who is an Indian here if all are anti-Indians,” he questioned.

When Minister of State for Home Sajad Kitchloo stood up to make his point, Engineer Rashid who was sitting behind him, stood up and told him to stop addressing the House as he (Kitchloo) according to Rashid is also an anti-Indian in the eyes of India. Rashid said that some newspapers in Jammu have carried a report alleging that Sajad Ahmed Kitchloo enjoys the patronage of militants in Jammu and Kashmir. He asked Speaker Mubarak Gul to take serious note of these reports and initiate action against these news papers. Rashid said that Kitchloo that it is useless for him to speak on behalf of India and in their eyes he is also anti-Indian. “On the directions of India you are suppressing the people here and yet you are labelled as anti-Indian so it is of no use for you to address here,” Rashid told Kitchloo.

National Conference member Bimla Luthra objected to the remarks made by Rashid against Home Minister while Rashid retorted and described her deaf and dumb. “You don’t know reality because you are deaf and dumb,” Rashid told NC female member. The Speaker while expunging the words of Rashid advised him to refrain from using un-parliamentary language in the House.

Attacking both National Conference and Peoples Democratic Party legislators when they were busy in levelling allegations and counter allegation over Marhama land scam, Rashid shouted at them that, “you are all burglars who have sucked the blood of common people.” “Tum log kafan choor ho, you all are sailing in the same boat,” he said.

Rashid stormed twice in the well and finally on the directions of the Speaker he was marshalled out from the House.

Rashid alleged that State Government did not come up with the reply about the total number of Bihari, Rajhastani and other non-state subject labourers in Kashmir. He said non-state subjects mostly Biharis have occupied government land in Kashmir while the government is acting as a mute spectator. From Qazigund to Kashmir, everywhere we find Biharis huts on government land. If the government fails to take action against them then these labourers will one day demand rights for them in the same way as refugees in Jammu division are demanding,” he shouted and added that he will oust all Biharis from Kashmir as Kashmir belongs to Kashmir’s. Rashid demanded an answer from the government and said that if government did not take measures in this regard then soon the demographic character of Kashmir will change.

Law and Parliamentary affairs Minister Mir Saifullah informed the House that no Bihari has occupied the state land. “They visit Kashmir to earn livelihood and return after spending a month or two here,” he said.


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