SSM College puts Students in ‘Trouble’ for ‘Financial Gains’

KL Report


The students of Sir Syed Memorial (SSM) College are up in arms against the management for forcing them to sit in the examination after finishing their last semester just over a month ago.

The students of the Computer Science Engineering Students currently in seventh semester told CNS that they had finished the sixth semester only in mid July and the administration is forcing them to appear in the 7th semester examination from August 30, this month.

The students alleged that the administration has been forcing them to sign on documents to testify that 85 per cent of their syllabus has been completed.

“How is it possible to complete 85 per cent of the syllabus within a month’s time? The College is flouting the norms of the Kashmir University and forcing the students to sit in examination to compensate their own failures,” the aggrieved said.

The students also alleged that the SSM College is compelling them to pay a fine of Rs 100 per day if they don’t sign the documents to testify the completion of syllabus.

“We are 150 students and each student is asked to pay fine of Rs 100 per day if we don’t sign their documents. They are using force which is not acceptable,” said the students.

The students said they are forcing us to complete our degree in no time as they have taken many admissions en masse for which they don’t have seating capacity and busses to ferry them.

“They want to entertain new admission in large numbers to make wealth. Now to accommodate them, the college is trying to finish our degree without actually completing our syllabus,” said students.

The students said they complained about the issue with Assistant Controller Examination who told the students not to pay any late fee.

“The SSM college administration is angry with us as why we approached University authorities. Our college is not following any norms and even if they have to issue any notification of any examination, it has to be issued a week before the date of the examination. They did everything just in a one day. They called the students on August 28 and asked for internal session on August 29 and the semester examination on August 30,” they alleged.

When contacted Principal SSM College Dilafroz Qazi said  that they are in the ‘business’ for quite a long time and know how to run the affairs of the College. “If we always take care of the interests of students then we are bound to incur huge losses,” she said.


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