‘Not political, Difference Between Unionists & Separatists is Religious’



qasim fakhtoo
Dr Muhammad Qasim

Differences between Kashmir’s resistance groups and Unionist parties “are not political but religious in nature”, a separatist group said on Tuesday.

“Political differences are either about being in power or varied methodologies. For these differences millions of people don’t have to sacrifice lives or spend lives in jail,” incarcerated leader Dr Mohammad Qasim said in a party statement.

“Be it NC, PDP, Peoples Conference or Awami Ittihaad Party, all of them work to keep Jammu Kashmir as a part of India this among these parties differences can be about being in power or modus operandi. It can’t be termed as ideological difference! In the same way the differences between BJP and Congress are in methodology. Both the parties want to change the Muslim majority status of Jammu Kashmir,” he added.

“The difference between pro-resistance organisations and pro-India parties and institutions should be seen in the light of Qur’an especially the verse 60 of Surah Almumtahana. These are the differences of the truth and the falsehood. Therefore, terming this difference as political and then talking about keeping human values above political differences shows the ignorance from the basic tenets of Islam and the soul of resistance movement,” the Muslim Deeni Mahaz chief said.

“In this battle of truth and falsehood, to maintain relationships whether political, social or personal with pro-India parties or personalities is against Islamic teachings. We request pro-freedom people, journalists, columnists and intellectuals to see and understand the differences between resistance organisations and pro-India groups in the light of Islam and suggest whether these relations are allowed or not?” he added.


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