Now, DSEK seeks Teachers Cooperation for ‘Reforming’ Education System



Seeking cooperation from the teachers and Teachers Forum for the reform of the education sector for building future of the state, Director School Education Kashmir Shah Faesal said that the issues of protesting teachers can be discussed within the walls of the department not in public.

“We should discuss departmental matters within the walls of the department. The issues and grievances can be addressed in the department not on streets,” Shah Faesal told KNS.

Faesal said that the government has taken decisions for the reform of the education and in favour of the teachers.

Saying that the doors of the teachers are open in the directorate for the genuine demands, he said that he is meeting teachers every day for listening to and addressing their issues.

Faesal said that almost all the teachers are supporting the recent decisions taken by the department. “The decisions taken by the higher authorities are fully justified and are in favour of the teachers,” he said.

He said that government is ready to fulfil the genuine demands of the teachers. “I am not against the unionism and I personally appreciate the good unions as I believe a good union can contribute a lot to any department,” Faisal said.

The director said that teachers taking to streets do not create a good impression about them among students as teachers are known as builders of any society.

He said government is ready to fulfil all the genuine demands of government.


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