Now, Indo-Pak Dialogue is Different: Prof Bhat, Pledges to be ‘Facilitator’



Prof Abdul Gani Bhat
Prof Abdul Gani Bhat

Hurriyat Conference (m) leader and chairperson of his Muslim Conference faction, Prof Abdul Gani Bhat Friday pledged his support to the resumption of “comprehensive dialogue” between India and Pakistan.

“While taking stock of the changing mind sets and attitudes in the sub-continent with reference to the situation obtaining across the globe, Muslim Conference pledges support to the resumption of what is now termed as comprehensive dialogue to resolve all disputes, including of course the dispute on Kashmir and consider this development as an effectively civilized means to move out from the frozen yesterdays to a peacefully productive tomorrow,” a statement issued by Jahangir Bhat quoting the meeting of Muslim Conference executive meeting held at Wazeer Bagh here.

“Conceding that no dialogue process has, up till today produced any results, the Muslim Conference understands that now is different in the backdrop of the dynamics of global economic liberalization as an order, which pre-supposes that peace and disputes can never co-exist and as such the dispute on Kashmir will have to be resolved. Let no gloom of yesterdays blur any prospect of a better and brighter tomorrow,” the statement said

“Muslim Conference chooses to felicitate all such diplomats and politicians as have shown will, vision and realism to rise above ironies and distortions, to prefer negotiations to confrontation and to get going towards resolving disputes in the interests of peace and prosperity. Remember India and Pakistan are nuclear countries. Belligerency is absolutely no option. This is where the logic behind efforts to encourage this state to resolve disputes lies,” the statement added.

Muslim Conference, which is a constituent of Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq further said, “Muslim Conference doesn’t want to falter into wishful thinking, nor, of course wish to wilfully go wrong. Kashmir is a dispute rooted deep into the political history of the sub-continent. India and Pakistan have been fighting wars and so have the people in Kashmir been offering supreme sacrifices in the past seven decades. Why…? Now that the dialogue has commenced take it forward and see the end to belligerence, but never forget rigid positions will take you nowhere. Listen to the call and rise manfully to come to grips with the situation and resolve in dispute on Kashmir. Let in opportunity not slip through your fingers.”


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