Now, PDP says, ‘State Will Soon Come Out of Financial Muck’



Ruling coalition partner, PDP Sunday said that the present dispensation under Mufti Muhammad Sayeed will not only clear the “pending muck” but the state will also march towards an “unprecedented” development.

A party statement quoting PDP Chief Spokesperson Dr Mehboob Beg said that all the steps towards development of the people will be taken in the “most efficient and transparent manner”.

Beg has castigated the previous regime for leaving behind a Rs 9000 Crore liability.

Beg said that it has come to the fore that the previous Govt had not only left behind a huge liability but also sanctioned an amount to the tune of Rs 3000 Crore without adhering to a transparent system like e-tendering and compliance of the Codal formalities. He also pointed-out that an amount of Rs 1065 Crore was not released due to the failure of the previous Government to hold local body elections.

Dr Beg further pointed-out the “inability” of the previous Government to submit the ‘Completion Certificates’ with regard to a number of Central Govt. Schemes, leading to further dead-locks.

Dr Beg recalled the two commissions established under Mr.G.M Sadiq’s tenure, which had come to the conclusion that the state was witnessing an ‘Inter-regional discrimination’.

Beg underlined that Mufti Muhammad Sayeed had described the present political situation, as thrown-up by the 2014 Assembly elections as a historic opportunity to bring together all regions of the state. He said, “such a situation needed deft handling, flexible attitude, experience and an accommodative leadership which could only be provided by a leader like Mufti Muhammad Sayeed.”

“Beg lauded the Deputy Chief Minister’s statement where-in he advocated demanding of dues from the NHPC,” the statement read.

He further pointed-out, that while ensuring a regional balance with regard to ‘Development’ was a must, “there could be no denying that some regions may need special attention and care under special circumstances, like the one’s affected due to the floods.”

 He also added that while considering cases like establishment of AIIMS or IIMs, “it would be prudent to take into consideration factors like ‘connectivity’ and places which get ‘cut-off’ every now and then would certainly need more care and attention.”

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