Observe complete shutdown on August 12: JRL


“Ongoing killing spree, genocide of young Kashmiris, hooliganism of forces in entire Kashmir especially South Kashmir , NIA/ED terrorism to divert attention of Indian public and international community from these atrocities and ploy to change hundreds of years old state subject law in Jammu Kashmir will face stern resistance from Kashmiris,” this was stated by the leaders of united resistance leadership Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umer Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a statement issued to media on Monday.

File photo of joint resistance leadership of Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yaseen Malik (KL image: Bilal Bahadur)

The joint leadership said that “people of Kashmir will observe a complete shut down on Saturday 12th August 2017 against these condemnable Indian plots.”

Leadership said that from last many months, Kashmir has been turned into a killing field and massacre of young unarmed Kashmiris has become the order of the day. “Our young ones are killed with impunity and Indian trigger happy forces, disrespecting every bit of humanity are seeing mutilating their corpses, disrespecting even the deceased and taking Selfies with the dead bodies.”

They said that on one hand this genocide is going on and on the other hand Indian forces have unleashed a new era of beatings, vandalizing properties, arrests and torturing common people without the discrimination of age or gender. “Nocturnal raids , putting men ,women ,young and old in jails under black laws and beating men and women has become a routine in whole south Kashmir including Islamabad, Pulwama, Shupian, Kulgam, Bijbihara, Pampore and other areas. To divert attention from these atrocities and ongoing massacre and genocide, Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges have started NIA and ED terrorism against resistance camp and resistance leaders and even their kith and kin are being arrested or summoned, intimidated and a vicious defamation campaign and media trail is also going on against whole Kashmiri resistance,” added the JRL leaders .

“Today propaganda is going on that our young ones who after being pushed to the wall are rendering valuable sacrifices are doing so for petty amounts. It is said that our young boys who bear pellets and bullets on their bodies resist only for some hundred rupees and also that our students on whom parents spend thousands are supporting resistance for 200 rupees. More over a vicious defamation campaign to malign resistance leadership is also going on Indian media especially TV channels,’ said the leaders.

They said that all this “NIA terrorism and uproar is being made to divert the attention of Indian public and international community from ongoing genocide and state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir especially south Kashmir so that this killing spree and atrocities can be continued unabated. Be it ongoing genocide of Kashmiris, NIA terrorism or bid to change the demography of Kashmir by eradicating state subject law , all is being done by Indian rulers with the active support of Mehbooba mufti led PDP and other pro-Indian politicians.”

They said that same Mehbooba Mufti used to visit the bereaved families of martyrs’ especially in south Kashmir and shed tears but after she assumed power she has become most brutal and defeated all previous records of oppression and tyranny. Terming the ploy of Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges to wipe out state subject law in Jammu Kashmir, JRL leaders said that this law has been implemented by erstwhile Maharaja in Jammu Kashmir. This kind of law is implemented in places that comprise of forests, glaciers and water bodies and Jammu Kashmir being such a land needed a protection regarding ecological balance which was provided by this law.

Leaders said that by eradicating this law Indian rulers backed by RSS want to fulfill their old dream of changing Muslim majority into a minority in Kashmir and hence change the demography of this land like what Israel has done in Palestine. They said that pro-Indian politicians of Jammu Kashmir are equally responsible for these anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir plots that are always on toes implementing these kinds of plots and ploys. Urging people of Jammu Kashmir to remain vigilant against these conspiratorial plots, JRL leaders said that if these plots are not stopped we will be forced to call people of Kashmir to come on roads against these.

They said that the People of Kashmir will observe a complete shut down on Saturday August 12th 2017 against ongoing genocide of Kashmiris, onslaught against common people especially in south Kashmir and changing state subject law in Jammu Kashmir and register their protest against these anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmir actions.



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