#Oct27 1947: ‘How Can A Single Person Decide Fate of Millions,’ asks Geelani




Indian army landing at Srinagar Airport on October 27, 1947.

Indian army landing at Srinagar Airport on October 27, 1947.

All Parties Hurriyat Conference chairperson, Syed Ali Geelani, on Wednesday said that it was this “ill-fated” day of October 27, 1947 when “our long and pathetic days of unrest, slavery and subjugation started”.

“It was on this day,” Geelani said, “when India against all constitutional, legal, moral or democratic norms landed its army in this unfortunate land, putting an end to our civil, social, religious and human liberties.”

The Hurriyat Conference chairperson said that Maharaja Hari Singh had no democratic right, as a head of the state, to call for military intervention at the time when he himself had lost the control and was on run from the valley, facing a revolt from the population against his cruel rule.

Autocrat Hari Singh

Autocrat Hari Singh

“How can a single person decide fate of millions of people,” Geelani asked, “and this justification was given by India itself while pleading the cases of Hyderabad and Junagarh when they took control of both but denying the same in case of Kashmir, defining the imperialistic, biased and arrogant mind set of the rulers of India.”

An old newspaper clipping reporting Kashmirs "accession" to India.

An old newspaper clipping reporting Kashmirs “accession” to India.

Commenting on the prevailing situation, the Hurriyat patriarch said, “India has corrupted our own people, both materially and mentally, to safeguard their undemocratic and armed occupation leading to the birth of countless Abdullahs, Muftis, Qasims, Sadiqs and Bakhshis who with the help of this armed crutches have cemented the bloody paws of Indian rule.”

“They in lust and greed of their luxuries have always ruled over dead bodies and devastated land. They only offer lip service to the suffering masses and the last four months stand testimony to their insensitivity,” he said.

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