October 27 Is A Tragic Day, Imran Khan says


Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said his country would not relent in its moral, political and diplomatic support until Kashmiris realize their “legitimate right to self-determination” in accordance with the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions.

He said the “Kashmir Black Day” observed on October 27, marked a “tragic day in the history of South Asia”, Pakistan’s official news gathering agency APP reported.

“This is the day India sent in its armed forces to occupy Jammu and Kashmir against the aspirations and fundamental rights of the Kashmiri people as well as against all principles of International Law,” the report quoted Khan saying.

For seven decades, APP quoted him saying that India had “occupied Jammu and Kashmir in contravention of the UNSC resolutions” that ordained the holding of a plebiscite to determine the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

“It has used coercion, brutal suppression of the rights of the people, economic blandishments and sham electoral processes to crush the will of Kashmiris and legitimize its occupation,” he remarked.

He said the recent UN report on Kashmir was an acknowledgment of Indian policies that included well-documented “human rights atrocities”.

Khan has called for immediate implementation of the recommendation to set up a UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) to investigate human rights abuses by Indian forces.

According to the report, Khan said the continued “brutal suppression” of Kashmiri people and the recent surge in killings of young Kashmiris required urgent action.

“The prime minister said the valiant, brave and courageous people of Kashmir deserved the admiration of the world,” APP reported.


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