Offer unconditional support to Mehbooba: Er Rasheed to Omar Abdullah


While condemning utterances of BJP leaders, MLA Langate Er Rasheed Friday suggested Omar Abdullah to offer yet

again his unconditional support to Mehbooba Mufti rather seeking dismissal of her government as the nefarious designs of BJP will ultimately hit not only both PDP but the rights of state at all levels.

While interacting with various deputations in Handwara, Er Rasheed has said, “Stabbing Mehbooba Mufti on daily basis by BJP should be matter of great concern for all nationalist forces and despite the fact she deserves all what BJP is giving to her, it by no means serves interests of Kashmiris.”

As per a statement, Er Rasheed has said, “Weakening Mehbooba Mufti by BJP means at the end of the day means dividing Kashmiris and threatening them and as such there is no reason to celebrate her helplessness at the hands of New

Delhi. It seems obvious that BJP leadership wants Mehbooba Mufti to get weakened to the extent, where Sang Parivar can remove Article 370, change the demography of Jammu province, make deep rooted cultural aggressions, bulldoze rights of Muslims in Jammu and take Kashmiris to task at the hands of brutal forces with the help of draconian laws. It

is high time for Omer Abdullah to wake up and offer his support yet again to Mehbooba Mufti for formation of government so that the nefarious designs of Sang Parivar are failed at all costs, till the political aspirations of Kashmiris are fulfilled through right to self determination.” He said, “Joining hands with each other would send New Delhi a message louder and clear that beyond a certain point it has to stop its utterances and interferences. Let both the regional parties realise that J&K dispute is not the battle who will rule the state but purely an indigenous movement which New Delhi is trying to dilute by various oppressive measures including adopting divide and rule theory.”


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