Officials Backing Missionaries From Behind The Scene: MTE


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Expressing concern over ‘suspicious activities of Christian Missionaries’, Majlise Tahafuz Emaan (MTE) have alleged that some high officials are backing and assisting these missionaries from behind the scene.

Majlis has said that Missioners are continuing with its activity and making attempts to convert Muslims to Christianity by offering them valuable gifts and other lucrative offers.

During the meeting of Majlis on Tuesday at Mirwaiz Manzil here, it was decided that Majlis would take the initiatives to aware people and to bring the matter about ‘suspicious activities’ in the notice of authorities. The meeting expressed surprise and doubts over the granting of long stay visa to tourists.

“We respect and welcome tourists across the world. But any anti Muslim activity will not be tolerated”, observed the meeting. It expressed concern over role of some NGO’s assisting the missionaries for pecuniary benefits. The Meeting warned the converted people to refrain from their activities otherwise their faces would be made public.

The meeting, after considering the evidences put forth, decided to aware people against the intentions of the missionaries. It also decided to hold a public meeting to make people aware and appealed Ullemas to spread awareness among people during their sermons. Meeting was presided by Mirwaiz Umer Farooq while Movlana Rehmatullah, Mir Qasim, Advocate Zahid Ali, Mufti Abdur Rasheed and others participated


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