Omar announces perks for ReT teachers

KL Report


Announcing the initiative of the Coalition Government to give service benefits of first five years of their stipendiary service to the Rehber-e-Taleem (ReT) teachers and make it transferable, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah Friday said that this move of the government would benefit over 55,000 ReTs and creating job opportunities for educated youth.

The Chief Minister made this announcement at the ReT Educational Conference at SKICC. Omar said that the Government observed that these two demands of ReTs were justified and should be accepted to accrue benefits to them and strengthen the system of education delivery in the rural areas. “This would not only help the ReTs to grow and develop but create a continuous process of creating vacancies of ReTs in the rural, remote and backward areas for the educated youth”, he said and received standing ovation from the hundreds of ReTs participating in the Conference, when he made this announcement.

The Chief Minister made same announcement in Jammu later in the day at another ReT Conference at Zorawar Singh Auditorium in Jammu University.

Addressing the conferences, the Chief Minister highlighted the role of teachers and said that they are architect of future and in their hands is the destiny of Nation. “Teachers fraternity in general and those imparting education at elementary levels are builders and protectors of the future of a Nation. You lay the strong foundation for a healthy society and your responsibility and service are stupendous”, he told the teachers and expressed the hope that they would redouble their efforts in moulding the young children into the best mould making them capable and qualified human resource to lead the Nation towards new highs of prosperity and development.


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