Omar Led Govt’s Doom Inevitable: Mehbooba

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Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said the present government has established its anti people credentials beyond any doubt and no respite from mounting miseries is expected till it exits.

This was stated by party president Mehbooba Mufti while  addressing a joint meeting of party senior leaders, legislators, district and zone presidents and prominent workers.

“Coalition government had left no one in any doubt about its intentions, priorities and inability to address people’s problems,” she said.

Mehbooba said that the Omar Abdullah government having refused to learn from its failures has brought people to immense miseries and has made its doom inevitable.

Expressed hope that people would surely respond to the policies of present government through the democratic weapon of vote, Mehbooba said that present governments doom is inevitable.

She said this government had the advantage of having inherited a state that had by and large come back on rails after the militancy and repressive government of Farooq Abdullah between 1996 and 2002.

“But instead of building on that solid foundation it mismanaged the situation so much that the state suffered humiliation as a political entity and its residents have once again been rendered destitute and dis empowered she said, adding  that the rulers were focused only on their personal luxuries and dealt with people with an arrogance that borders on contempt.

Declaring that the party would soon hold district level demonstrations against power crisis, non availability of cooking gas, rations and price rise.

Taking credit, Mehbooba said  power sector had shown great improvement up to 2008 but was quick to add that  as soon as this government took charge it reintroduced the trademark NC schedule which meant more darkness than light even though the tariff has been raised four times in four years.

“During this period the state had added 500 MW additional power after the completion of its own projects but the supply has gone down. Where has this additional power gone? Is the revenue from additional generation going into the luxuries of the rulers who go around in cars each worth more than a crore?” Mehbooba wondered and said the NC led government can no longer escape public scrutiny and they would face public wrath in elections no matter when.

Mehbooba accused that Omar Abdullah is raising new slogans everyday.

“When he faced accusations in the suspicious death of Haji Yousuf involving payoffs to his father Dr Farooq Abdullah for fixing mandates and berths in the cabinet he suddenly came out with the AFSPA roll back announcement,” she said.

Mehbooba  told the party workers that it is the people of J&K who will decide about who forms the next government and no manipulations or mind games would succeed in the face of peoples power. “Instead of begging others for help in elections the chief minister should have found time to see the long queues of respectable people waiting for gas cylinders in sub zero temperatures and tried to reduce their miseries”, she said and added “for me personally it is most painful to see young and old, respectable people being treated like beggars”.

Mehbooba said the efforts at putting up a “grand alliance” by Omar Abdullah are in fact a loud and clear recognition of PDP as the leading political force of the state. She said the PDP had broken the barriers that faced traditional regional parties like the NC and because of its clear agenda and sincere leadership was finding acceptance among all the regions, sub regions and communities which augured well for the future of the state.

Referring to the unemployment problems Mehbooba said our highly talented youth have been rendered idle because of the government’s inability to promote private sector and provide free and fair entry into government services.

“PDP led govt had been tied by the MOU signed by Farooq Abdullah govt with the centre that no recruitment in the govt would be made it still provided govt jobs to thousands of young people. It had introduced very refreshing reforms which ensured that only the talented and deserving candidates got the jobs but this govt has again made back door the preferred entry point. “

Referring to the recently held council elections Mehbooba thanked the large number of Panches and Sarpanches who had voted for PDP candidates. “These elections had established that PDP had now a committed cadre of dedicated workers and village representatives who would stand up to threats and temptations and support the party even in tough circumstances,” said Mehbooba.



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