Omar Says Public Service His ‘Only’ Political Agenda

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Chief Minister Omar Abdullah Monday said that his political agenda is not focused on obtaining the chair but to serve people and steer the state towards peace, prosperity and development.  He said, “Some politicians may have the political aim of obtaining power but his politics revolves round the public service.”CM-16-2

As per a statement, the Chief Minister also said, “All politicians are not with motivated interests but they are with aim to serve their people. Like in other fields of life there may be some bad politicians in political field but the majority of them are good people committed to the service to the people and the Nation.”

Omar was replying the questions of the students after addressing them at the ‘Pratiba Samman Samaroh 2013’ at Gandhi Nagar Jammu organized by Amar Ujala newspapers group, the Chief Minister said that respecting each other, spreading love and affection and making public service benchmark in all sphere of life makes a person an ideal citizen.

Omar also asked the students not to shun the desire of entering politics after completing their studies by getting disappointed with the performance and actions of some politicians.

Describing youth future of the country, the Chief Minister told them to nurture themselves into best possible human resource to lead the state and the country as capable, qualified and astute leaders. “All of us have to leave the field for younger generation. Politics is no different game. Politicians have also to make way for young people to come in and hold the stage”, he said and expressed the hope that younger generation would be better managers of the affairs in future.

“We may not resemble each other in colour, creed and caste. Our religion, ideology, region, language, culture may be different. But we can live together in an atmosphere of amity and brotherhood and prosper jointly”, he said and added that India is abode of different cultures, religions, languages, regions and an ideal citizen would respect his fellow citizens and extend help without having consideration.

The Chief Minister said that the society and democracy stand on four important pillars of legislature, judiciary, executive and media. He said all are equally responsible to build principle based society where justice, rule of law and inclusive development will be the guiding principle for all.

In reply to another question, Omar said that his government has created so many opportunities for youth to take up self employment ventures and be members of the MSME sector. “Investors from outside have not shown encouraging trend to venture in the State. However, we have created good opportunities for our educated, skilled and trained youth to generate employment and economic activities not only for themselves but others”, he said and mentioned the unique employment generation and skill up gradation programmes of Himayat and Udaan launched in the state to expand job market for J&K youth. He said many states are craving for such initiatives implemented by the Union government in Jammu and Kashmir. He asked the youth to take best advantage of such initiatives and come forward to prove their mettle, reads the statement.

In reply to another question, Omar Abdullah said that consolidation in education and health departments have already begun in the State and higher educational institutions have been asked to offer subjects of high market orientation and modern requirement to the students. He said with the passage of time the newly opened colleges would provide almost all modern subjects to the students.

On the occasion Omar also extended gratitude to the people of Jammu for exhibiting maturity and responsibility in denying the anti-peace elements to spread the hatred after the Kishtwar incident. He said when any tension of such a nature emerges and people of different sections are emotionally at peak, the only priority before the government is to maintain the calm and cool the emotions. “Allowing any political leader to visit the disturbed area or not is not of prime concern or importance of the administration at that point in time but safeguarding the people and bring normalcy is of highest priority”, he said.


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