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People’s Democratic Party (PDP) while reacting to the imposition of governor’s rule in JK Friday said Omar Abdullah is following his father’s suits as he also in 2002 refused to be a caretaker CM but at that time also NC failed to carry out its “sinister agenda.”

“It is Omar Abdullah who has acted in the irresponsible manner and violated the democratic conventions developed in this country that a government voted out of power is asked to take care of the routine governance till next government sworn in,” PDP chief spokesman Naeem Akhtar told KNS.

“We still had time till 19th of this month to try and form a stable government because PDP doesn’t have a clear majority in the hung assembly. We are just 28. We could have staked our claim for forming the government on our own. We have repeatedly said that PDP is keeping its informal channels open with all the parties in the hope of forming the government on the basis of common minimum agenda. But Omar suddenly threw the tantrum and decided to quit,” said Akhtar, adding that Omar perhaps thought he would scare the PDP to do something desperate that would fit NC’s ‘game plan’.

He said PDP will not take any step to oblige Omar. “We will stay focused on forming the government with our priorities which include establishing permanent peace in JK, reconciliation, taking forward trans-LoC travel and trade, bring accountability and to provide justice to the people which has been denied so far besides good governance and modern development.”

The PDP chief spokesperson said that the party still has time till 19th of this month but the decision taken by Omar has forced the governor’s rule on state which could have been avoided.

“NC has done it in 2002 when in similar circumstances Farooq Abdullah refused to be caretaker CM. But at that time also, they failed to carry out their sinister agenda and try to convert their defeat into victory. This time they will fail. PDP is not going to disappear from the political scene as Omar Abdullah had wished. We will stay around as the largest political party of Jammu and Kashmir and hope to give a stable and corruption free government to the state. We realize the people have voted for peoples’ government and not for the governor’s rule,” said PDP chief spokesperson, adding that NC’s ‘game plan’ will be defeated and the party hopes that governor’s rule will prove a temporary and brief arrangement and like in 2002, PDP will soon form the government that is able to deliver.


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