Only, ‘Judicious Use of Funds’ can Save Wular from Disaster: PDP



KL file Image of Wular Lake.
KL file Image of Wular Lake.

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) General Secretary Nizamudin Bhat Saturday said that Wular Lake cannot be saved from further disaster and degradation till money available under Wular Conservation and Management Project “is not used judiciously”.

Talking to representatives of Fisherman community from Sopore Bandipora and Sonawari, he said, “Wular Lake has been spoiled by encroachments, administrative neglect and other man-made disasters and state is deprived of a nature’s asset.”

“He asked fishermen to galvanize support for a campaign through awareness to save the lake from further decay,” a PDP statement said this afternoon.

Bhat said, “thousands of fishermen families are now deprived of sustenance they used to draw from the lake from fishing, extraction of Nadroo and Water chest nut. The lake was also contributing to huge tourism potential and navigation.”

“Wular Project cannot yield any results until it is made people friendly. The project money is being spent unchecked and without vision and most of it is misused in the name of need based man power,” he added.

Bhat ought intervention of Hon’ble Chief Minister to review the whole project so that available funds are used to “make a positive impact”. “People dependent on lake have a stake and they also need to be given a participatory role in having it and restoring it to its reputation.”


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