Only the united struggles can force the government to change its anti-people policies: Tarigami


CPI(M) leader Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami, on Sunday said that human emancipation is not possible unless exploitative system is put an end to Pro-rich and pro-corporate economic policies, widely known as neo-liberal economic policies, followed in most of the countries has made the life of the general masses miserable and helped the rich and corporate houses to earn and amass huge wealth at the cost of the poor and destitute people, he added. It is imperative for the poor and working class to unitedly fight the menace of these regressive economic policies to get rid of this awkward situation.

While speaking on the 9th Regional Conference of CPI(M), throwing light on the national scenario, he said that demonetization announced in November 2016 had hit the economy adversely so much so that lakhs of workers were rendered jobless particularly in the informal sector.

He condemned the efforts of the Sangh Parivar to divide the society on the name of religion by raising the issues of hatred which is bound to have negative impact on the unity of the nation, adding that the people of the country are dismayed over the performance of the Modi government for almost last four years, as nothing on ground has changed despite getting votes on the slogan “Ache din Ayengay” CPI(M) statement reads.

People continue to face unemployment, price rise, shortage of essential commodities, power cuts, retardation in industrial growth and lack of facilities in the agriculture sector. The existence of diverse ethnicities in different regions of the state constitute its strength rather than its weaknesses, implying that carving out a political structure that recognises diversity and necessity of preserving the unity of the state that can be possible only when all the constitutional measures are taken to provide regional autonomy and more powers to the people and sub-regions, within the frame of the of the state, he said.

Resolutions on various issues including alarming unemployment problem, rising prices, communal harmony, starting of the full-fledged Dogri channel, starting of Ayurvedic College, sympathetic view of various types of refugee issues were moved in the conference and passed unanimously.


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