Palhalan Turned Into Concentration Camp: Hurriyat (G)

KL Report


Chairman Huriyat Conference (G) while condemning the police action against the Palhallan inhabitants, Wednesday accused that the locals there are being  targeted and subjected to  vengeance.

The statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), stated that Geelani accused the  police and forces personnel of 29-RR of  turning  the area into a concentration camp and has stated  that  police instead helping the local population is supporting the forces personnel.”

The statement issued by Hurriyat (G) said: “The visiting team in its report submitted that Major B K Sharma and police forces have made the life of people in the area miserable. Notable citizens, imams, teachers and particularly the youth are being called at Haider Bag Military camp, subjected to harassment and even humiliated and often beaten. Locals and students are so scared of the forces personnel that they even do not move out of the village.”

The statement further claims that the Task force has established a new camp at Yareteng where people are being robbed of their belongings during late night hours and warned of dire consequences in case it is reported.

Geelani further mentioned: “The people in the area have  reported that on October, 16 a police driver was killed in a road accident and Task force and the forces personnel raided the town and resorted to tear gas shelling and thrashed the locals. A youth from the locality lost his eye and several others including Bilal Ahmad Dar, Parvaiz Ahmad Dar, Irfan Ahmad Lone and three other  students were arrested , implicated in fabricated cases and  shifted Baramulla Sub-Jail.”

The statement further reads that the locals allege that police is extorting a huge sum as ransom for the release of the arrested youth.

Geelani has urged Human Rights Organizations to visit Palhallan area for on spot assessment of the critical situation, and  has stressed that  the sufferings of locals must be highlighted.


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