Panun Kashmir Wants A UT In Jammu?





Panun Kashmir, that is working for slicing the Vale to get migrant Kashmir Pandit their own “homeland”, is planning a Ek Bharat Abhiyan rally in Pune this evening. The participants would seek dignified ghar-wapsi to a small UT, where they livem, which will not be governed by Article 370, a Delhi newspaper has reported.

The event is being organized in Raman Baug at around 5:30 pm. “The Pune rally will be a part of the 60-rally programme undertaken by Panun Kashmir organisation with the support of 25 socio-religious organisations,” Sunday Guardian reported. “The last rally will be held in Jammu on 19 January next year when the community will commemorate the 26th year of Kashmiri Hindu exodus day.”

Rahul Kaul, the national coordinator for Panun Kashmir has told the newspaper that they want to be rehabilitated “100 days at a place in Jammu which will be centrally administered”.

“Let there be a Union Territory in J&K. At that place, everybody should be free to come over and settle. There should be no discrimination. Article 370 should not exist there,” Kaul was quoted saying.


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