PDP Admitted Its Nexus With BJP, Claims NCs Rana

KL Report


Devender Singh Rana, NC Jammu president asked Ms Mehbooba Mufti to explain why PDP exploited the public sentiment and tormented secular fabric of J&K in league with BJP since its inception.

 “In desperation for power, PDP has felt stressed to openly admit its nexus with BJP though it wanted to conceal this ugly truth till the Assembly elections to continue to hoodwink and incite passions of innocent people by raking up contentious issues”, Rana said while explaining the circumstances leading to exposure of PDP’s deceit and its duplicity façade.

Addressing public gatherings in block Balwal, the Provincial President said that BJP demanded PDP to unfold its alliance well ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in order to boost the image of Narendra Modia by showcasing alliances in every part of the country.

“We have credible reports that PDP had pestered Modi’s aides to wait till assembly elections in J&K for the fear of losing support base, whatsoever little it has, though assuring of pushing forward the BJP agenda of vitiating atmosphere clandestinely but the request was not conceded for the saffron party’s bigger national ambitions”, he revealed.

Rana said NC stands vindicated after Mehbooba Mufti’s public admission of having alliance with the BJP, which it had exposed much earlier, even before the disturbances planned by the two parties in Kishtwar. He said their role in Amarnath land row needs to be investigated, especially after the confession of PDP as those horrendous days witnessed many precious lives getting perished in both Kashmir and Jammu regions. “They owe explanation for every drop of blood that was spilled in the streets of Kashmir and parts of the Jammu region”, Rana said.

Rana sees PDP as brainchild of BJP stalwarts to weaken NC which had been forthrightly pushing forward the cause of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. “Since then it has been working as B Team of the saffron brigade with a chartered mission of gaining support base in Kashmir by trumpeting most contentious issues”, he said and wondered how could PDP fall in the trap and work for destabilising the State. He also referred to recent high profile secret meetings between top PDP leadership and BJP think tank in New Delhi under the aegis of common friends which included a former intelligence director, a senior journo and a lady activist of an NGO. “Though the bonhomie was an open secret, PDP behaved like ostrich before getting thoroughly exposed”, he said.

“Conscious of the fallout of aligning with BJP, PDP has started parroting rigging even before the electioneering gaining momentum”, he observed, saying this is admission of the defeat looming large on Mufti Sayeed and Mehbooba Mufti. He asserted that this ploy is not going to work, as the people of Jammu and Kashmir would award their own verdict for sins committed by PDP by ensuing its annihilation from the political scene of the State.  “This is only a matter of time”, he maintained.


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